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Buon Giorno!

posted Mar 31, 2013, 3:25 PM by Jen Hayes
Today our group all convened at Borgo dei Lunardi in Cerrito Guidi for our first rehearsal and a delicious welcome dinner at the agritourismo’s restaurant. The full contingent trickled in slowly - some of us are arriving from early European travels, others are straight off 2-day flights from the States! Too excited for jetlag or travel exhaustion, we hit the bell tables at 16:00 - we’re getting used to 24 hour time - to run through each of our pieces. We’re challenging ourselves playing C4 to A7 with eight ringers; even so, our first rehearsal went very well as we found our tough spots and worked out bell sharing. Before we knew it, 7:30 was upon us... as was dinner! Conveniently enough our rehearsal space is directly behind the restaurant, and we flocked in for a delicious four-course meal. Broccoli souffle with a delicate cheese sauce, artichoke risotto, a peppery pot-roast and mozzarella e pomodoro, and finally chocolate lava cake, hazelnut semifreddo, orange & apple sorbet, and flaming crème brûlée desserts rounded out the menu, alongside hearty pours of rosé, white, and red wines. After such a long day, it was time pack up the bells and say goodnight - although several of us hovered around the office and bar to catch the wifi signal before retiring. It’s daylight savings in Europe tomorrow again, we hope our clocks and assorted smartphones will switch us over!