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Countdown to Campanae Mundi Soggiorno 2013

posted Mar 26, 2013, 5:58 PM by Jen Hayes   [ updated Mar 26, 2013, 6:02 PM ]
Less than a week to go and Campanae Mundi is ready to dazzle audiences in Italy! We have some fantastic concerts lined up both in repeat venues and new spaces. We will be returning to Pistoia as well as Vinci, where we are privileged to perform in the church Leonardo da Vinci was baptized in. We’ll also have a chance to step into the nightlife scene with a performance in Florence at the Libreria Café la Cité, which also hosts jazz jam sessions and Tuesday night tango lessons. Finally, we are thrilled to announce our Friday evening performance at the stunning Chiesa di San Michele in Foro, pictured here. We've greatly admired this beautiful cathedral, with its unique columns and imposing stature, our last two visits to Lucca; it's a joy to be able to showcase the music of handbells in such a space. 

We’re bringing a diverse group of ringers with us this trip, with members from across the Bay Area, Tahoe, Texas, and Massachusetts, not to mention our director traveling out to meet us from Chile! Many of us are also extending our trip before or after the Campanae Mundi Soggiorno, taking advantage of already being in the region to explore more of Europe. What’s more “Campanae Mundi” in style than fitting in as many interesting opportunities into a tour as possible?

This trip, highlights include experiencing Easter Sunday in Florence at the Duomo and witnessing the Scoppio del Carro, or the "explosion of the cart," when the Archbishop lights a dove-shaped rocket from inside the church which then travels down a wire to the outside and collides with the historic, 2-3 storey cart in the square, setting off a spectacular firework display. We will also be having an Italian cooking lesson, visiting museums, touring a winery, learning about the slow food movement here in Italy, spending some time relaxing at the baths of Montecatini, and returning to our favorite chocolatier, Amedei, for a tasting.

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March 30. 

A presto!