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Dress Rehearsal!

posted Jul 15, 2011, 12:04 AM by Jen Hayes
After this second flash mob we reloaded the bells into their cases on the bus and split up to explore the city of Florence.  The day was scorching, and the first order of business for several in the group was to find a gelateria.  We stopped at the famous Vivoli for good-sized bowls, then explored the area surrounding the Duomo and baptistery before finding a tasty pizzeria for lunch.  After lunch our group decided to take an afternoon break back at the villa.  Some of us took a nap and a long dip in the pool, enjoying the pool jets at our backs.  Finally, we headed in to Florence to visit the Mercato di San Lorenzo and head to Zaza for dinner.  The wild boar pasta was the star of dinner this night, and we also had more tiramisu and strawberries with cream.

Still on the move after a full day for all, we came back to Grassina for a last dress rehearsal, open to all the guests at the villa where we are staying.  We attracted quite a crowd as we played through our concert pieces and William spoke about Campanae Mundi, handbells, and our trip to the international audience.  They were enthralled with the bells and many came up to the table to try holding a bell, seeing how the clappers work, and practicing chatting in English.  Exhausted after our long day, most everyone went straight to bed after packing up.  Some of us were asleep before our heads hit the pillow.