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Florence by Storm

posted Jul 14, 2011, 3:46 PM by Jen Hayes   [ updated Jul 14, 2011, 4:14 PM ]
Guest post by Rebecca Hendricks

Stacey looked longingly at the horse and carriages lined up in front of the Duomo.  Battling her frugal budget-related impulses, she relented and chose Zalupo for a ride around the city centre.  We paused for a brief visit to the Medici Palace where we took pictures of the luxurious foyer.  It was only a ten minute wait to enter the Duomo.  The guard ordered Stacey to cover her legs.  Beautiful stained glass and flickering candles were surrounded by hushed voices speaking many languages.  Then, every ten minutes over the PA system came a message as if from God imploring, "SILENCIO, POR FAVORI..."  

We crossed the Arno to see the city from the other side, and Stacey found an Italian Lutheran Church.  We crossed back over the Ponte Vecchio, looking at gold and snapping pictures all along the way.

In the Uffizi courtyard, Jean and Rebecca gave coins to the living statues and were thanked with a ghostly caress.  Custom fitted handmade belts were the purchase of the day, as long as we could make our selections in the shade.  We found our way to the Mercado Centrale and joined the group at Zaza for dinner.