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Piazza Mob!

posted Jul 14, 2011, 3:40 PM by Jen Hayes   [ updated Jul 18, 2011, 4:24 AM ]
Campanae Mundi’s day in Florence was our first chance to put our rehearsals to use!  We loaded the bell cases into our small bus and drove to Piazza Michelangelo.  The bus pulled over a short walk away and we clustered at the back to each grab the two bells we would need.  A few of us went over our notes in our heads.  “B, B, B, C, B…”  When we all had our bells, we carried them as nondescriptly as we could into the square.  This was a bit harder for those in the bass!  Even though it was relatively early in the day, the crowd was thick.  Eyes turned in our direction, wondering what this group was doing carrying so many bells.

We lined up as quickly as we could in front of the overlook to the whole of the city of Florence.  William gave us a downbeat, and suddenly our bell peals rang out across the square.  A small crowd gathered, many carrying cameras.  With a signal, the group finished a last peal and moved into the opening notes of Beethoven’s Ode to Joy.  We played through this twice as more people gathered to see what was going on, then at a second signal played a resounding last chord.  The small crowd clapped, and we made our back to the bus as they dispersed behind us.  We’d performed our first flash mob!

We did the same in front of the steps of Santa Croche.  How inspiring to be able to play in places with such a rich cultural history!