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We're Here for the Food

posted Jul 10, 2011, 7:43 AM by Jen Hayes   [ updated Jul 11, 2011, 3:51 PM ]
After our first rehearsal on Saturday, the group was ready to head out on the town.  We strolled into Grassina, a short walk from our villa, to dine at Osteria del Rosso.  This was our first real chance for us all to sit together and catch up, and we did just that over several carafes of wine and delicious Italian food.  The leisurely meal included roast beef con piselli, spaghetti alle cozze, taglierini ai fungi misti, and the stars of the meal pesto di zucchine and burrata con pomodoro.  Our bellies full, we hesitated only a moment when the server asked if we would like dessert.  Moments later tiramisu, chocolate mousse, and Neapolitan were working their way around the table as everyone tried a bite or three.  Cliff even polished off his cheesecake on his own.

The majority of the group drove back up to the villa and a few of us followed on foot, taking advantage of the cool evening to get some air and maybe walk off a tiny bit of the meal we’d just finished.  Of course, having handed all the villa keys to those arriving first, those walking ran into a bit of a dilemma on reaching the gate.  We stopped to take inventory:
“I gave them to my roommate…”
“Yeah, me too.”
“Ohh, right, keys…”

Finally Chuck pointed out the fence around the gate wasn’t that high.  He could probably get over it, and that surely there couldn’t be anything poisonous in the foliage there.  He was right on all counts, as skeptical as we were, and minutes later he had gotten past the gate, trekked up the hill, and hit the switch to open the gate to the rest of us.  Dinner in Italy is a late meal: most restaurants don’t open before 7 pm and our reservation had been at 8.  By the time we were all home to the villa, and after such a long day, it was bedtime.  We retreated to our rooms for a hard-won sleep.